Admitted to the board of Sitecore User Group Netherlands

For over two years now, a great initiative has been emerged from an already very active community in the Netherlands, as the first Sitecore User Group Netherlands was held. The board has been putting much effort in letting this little idea grow into a consistent and frequently returning event. An event in which much knowledge is being shared between all enthousiasts that are working with Sitecore. Either end users, agencies (Sitecore partners) or the like. From this initial kick-off, new initiatives have arisen, like the Sitecore User Group Conference that is held for the second year.

I did want to join this strong team of developers, marketers and MVP since the beginning, but honestly did think I did not have much to bring to the table. But now, as the user group grows there is need for having a stronger backbone on the marketing facets to provide meaningful marketing- and content management sessions.

And thus, I have the pleasure of announcing that I will take place in the board of Sitecore User Group Netherlands. I hope to bring much knowledge from the field to the table as much as making my hands dirty on and keep improving. My admittance will be announced as well on the first upcoming user group session at Mirabeau on February 4th, 2015. I will be happy to meet you there!