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Sitecore 8 is going to enable DMS much faster in your project roll-out

Sitecore’s Digital Marketing Suite is eye candy for many marketeers. Sad thing actually, because in many to-be-built online projects on Sitecore, the DMS part tends to get cast aside. ‘Yes, we acknowledge the power of the product, but let’s do that in phase 2’. The reasons are understandable. Building a complex web platform with complicated […]

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Recap of day #1 of Sitecore Symposium 2014 – Europe

The Sitecore Symposium 2014 has officially been kicked off. Starting with a inspiring keynote from Sitecore’s CEO Michael Seifert, through high level sessions on the product range to more in-depth sessions with hotshots Tim Ward and Stephen Pope. It has been a very long day in humid Barcelona, but here’s todays recap: There is no […]

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A modular way of working is key for proper content management in Sitecore CXP

Many agency sided developers and functional designers that have experience in working with Sitecore will go ‘doh’ reading this article title. Though, many companies who are thinking about integrating their online platform with Sitecore should wonder why. Well here goes: Ask three different agencies to build your platform briefing in Sitecore and it is likely […]

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