All the latest on Sitecore Symposium 2014

Sitecore is organizing its annual symposium on September 15-17 at Gaudi’s stairs in Barcelona, Spain. Learn about my interesting findings here.

  • Stairs within Gaudi's Sagrada Familia

Sitecore’s annual symposium (allthough 2013 was skipped) will be hosted this year at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. Ironically, Sitecore will find a perfect home in Barcelona, as its logo finds its resemblence in Gaudi’s stairs of the Sagrada Familia.

During the Symposium, I will try to drop interesting updates and insights on Twitter when I hear them. Check them out below or visit my timeline at @andyvandesande on Twitter.

The level of bedrooms, dogs on laps, and various odd backdrops of presenters are getting way too cringy.. #SitecoreSYM

About 4 years ago from Andy van de Sande's Twitter via Twitter for iPhone

This year is bound to be an exciting symposium as Sitecore has been awfully quiet in the latest release and much will happen in the 7.5 releases that is expected to be released publically during the event. Also the roadmap with the close follow-upper 8.0 is something I am very curious for.

In short you may expect the following highlights:

  • The introduction of Sitecore 7.5, including:
    • The xDB™. After introducting big data in Sitecore 7, and putting MongoDB into action to fully utilize the concept with a non-relational database, Sitecore will introduce its Experience Database. Every single interaction from an individual will be tracked over multiple devices and resolved in a new big data repository. Finally, DMS will be able to perform to the full extend.
    • The concept of unified customer data.
    • Individual analytics with individual experience profiles.
  • A quick glance in the future with the 8.0 release. It makes sence that Sitecore will go to the next level with their DMS suite. As they will be introducing analytics to the full extend with 7.5 up to the individual level, they will likely use this to further extend the possibilities of – for instance – personalization. What if you could segmentize all users based on their personal analytics? Will DMS finally be predictive?
  • The introduction of the new interface, within codename SPEAK. Sitecore will finally release its new interface foundation, but likely in the 8.0 release. Seriously, could it take any longer? I have seen the interface (sorry, I cannot share it) and com’ on.. GIMME!

I am expecting also minor subjects, but still very much interesting:

  • Codename Skynet: a whole new multivariate testing application within the DMS suite that has a grown-up, very competitive featureset.
  • Atlas: improved search in combination with MongoDB.
  • DMS that will be able to measure external websites (like iFramed applications) through DMS.
  • A new campaign launcher.
  • Sitecore will be press more on the Page Editor mode. Many clients struggle with it though, especially in the context of big brand platforms. What are their idea’s?
  • Improved list management.