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Start using Sitecore DMS already!

‘Bridging the gap’ is a saying that really applies in utilizing Sitecore DMS: companies and brands with the bigger budgets are really getting into applying DMS and you as a hard working marketer with limited resources are still like, how am I going to do that. Fact is that budget is not the prerequisite of […]

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Sitecore 8 is going to enable DMS much faster in your project roll-out

Sitecore’s Digital Marketing Suite is eye candy for many marketeers. Sad thing actually, because in many to-be-built online projects on Sitecore, the DMS part tends to get cast aside. ‘Yes, we acknowledge the power of the product, but let’s do that in phase 2’. The reasons are understandable. Building a complex web platform with complicated […]

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Van CMS naar Customer Experience Platform: de basis voor omnichannelmarketing [Dutch]

This article has been published on FrankWatching on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013. Marketeers hebben te maken met multichannel-campagnes, e-mailmarketing en gepersonaliseerde content. Klanten beschikken bijna altijd over een smartphone of tablet. Marketeers moeten dus met veel zaken rekening houden. Vaak gebruiken zij hiervoor een content management systeem, maar deze systemen bieden helaas niet de ondersteuning […]

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